About Us

Vivace Music Academy was founded in 2000 in order to improve the quality of community life in the San Antonio area by providing affordable music instruction and performance opportunities for people of all ages.

The main focus of Vivace Music Academy is to provide the environment, teachers, and
instruction that will empower any person to pursue and achieve their dream of performing as an instrumentalist or vocalist.


In order to have a satisfying experience in learning to play an instrument or sing, one must have quality meaningful feedback. We at Vivace Music Academy will provide that for our students.


The leading cause of dissatisfaction and discouragement with anyone trying to learn an instrument is not experiencing the progress you expect after investing time practicing because you are not sure of what to or how to practice correctly.

Although books, tapes, and videos are all helpful, nothing replaces the guidance that a music student receives from an experienced music teacher/performer.

They will help to keep you from investing time in playing and singing habits that hinder your overall progress  and will help guide you through the learning process that will bring you the success and enjoyment that you desire.