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​Private Lessons

Vivace Music Academy is proud to present a superb faculty who specializes in private instruction in piano, guitar, and voice for all levels of students. Performance opportunities in the forms of recitals, auditions, contests, and repertory classes are provided throughout the year to all students.Yearly comprehensive evaluation is available to parents*.



*For new students age 5 to 13


Most popular lessons

Group Lessons: 

Group lessons are offered by Vivace Music Academy in the forms of these programs: Preschool Music, Group Piano, and Group Voice.


Preschool Music:

Graduated curriculum employing eastern European style teaching. Curriculum objectives include reading music through solvege, development of the voice as the primary instrument, and learning musical rhythms through body movement.


Group Piano:

Designed for students between the ages of 6 and 10 who may not have access to an instrument. This course aims at providing a sound foundation for finger dexterity, note reading ability, rhythmic internalization, and ensemble playing.


Group Voice:

Small classes for children (age 5 to 13) and adults (no more than 5 students per class). This course aims at breath control, projection of tones, pitch matching, sight-reading, and part-singing.


Children's Choir

Vivace Children's Choral Program: objectives include the development of the voice, sight singing and solvege through Kodaly hand signals, introduction to choral literature and part singing.


Other Activities

Vivace Music Academy also offers: theory classes, entrance to TMTA state theory exams, recitals, repertory classes, and local/state/national auditions and competitions.